Services We Provide

At New Leaf Counseling and Recovery, LLC we offer a wide range of services to fit your needs. Please review the description and if you have any additional questions or concerns please contact our office. 

Family Violence Intervention Program
A psycho-educational program for offenders who have battered their intimate partners or family members and are in need of cognitive restructuring and skill building resources to prevent further harm. Georgia Certified to offer an intervention program for family violence. This is a 24 week course at 1 ½ hours per week. This program is offered for both men and women. 

Anger Management Program
A program that will provide techniques for assessing levels of anger and controlling thought process that lead to violent behavior among clients who have assaulted non-intimate partners. This is a 12 week program at 1 hour per week. 

Sexual Offender Evaluation
The evaluation is a three part session. This includes a clinical interview and risk assessment testing. After the interview and risk assessment testing, the evaluator will recommend a length of treatment for each individual. 

Alcohol and Drug Evaluation
This evaluation consists of an interview and testing. After the interview and testing the evaluator will determine if treatment is indicated and if so, at what level of care. 

Alcohol and Drug Intervention Group Counseling
Group counseling that addresses issues affecting the substance abusing population who may have encountered legal consequences or physical consequences as a result of their drug use. Topics would consist of assistance in restructuring thoughts and behaviors related to substance use, legal issues, personal growth, breaking through denial, relapse prevention and recovery coach’s encouragement for staying substance free. 

Parenting Classes

Individual / Couples Counseling

Individual counseling services provide on a one on one basis. Professional counseling to address multiple areas of concern such as depression, Stress Management, anxiety, and grief/loss. Cost is $125 per Hour.

Couples Counseling is to help couples with marriage, children, or relationship difficulties in a comfortable style setting for each individual person. 

Victim Impact Courses
One time psycho-educational courses to establish or enhance victim empathy in the perpetrators of various offenses. 

Values Clarification/Cognitive Skills
A brief psycho-education course on identifying and establishing goals while reducing thought processes and behaviors that contradict those goals. 

Drug Screening
Administer 10-panel drug screening for use of illicit substances. Drug screening will augment the programs for Alcohol and Drug Intervention as well as the Family Violence Intervention Program. 

Population Specific Evaluations
Evaluations to determine the appropriate course of intervention for each client. Please call for pricing.

Mental Health Evaluations
This evaluation searches areas for any ongoing conditions that would require professional intervention.  

Immigration Evaluation
This evaluation is for Extreme Hardship Waiver or Domestic/Spousal Abuse Waiver. 

From time to time, New Leaf will provide seminars and training's to the community on various subjects related to the different treatment populations. 

All services of New Leaf will be provided by a Master’s Level Counselor or Master’s Level Intern under supervision of a licensed counselor. The program will be primarily driven by mandated referrals on cash system. Hardship Discounts are available.

Please click the Donate Button below to pay for your services. Please call us to schedule your appointment and payment verification. 

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